Shariiing is ushering in a new era in remote recruitment.

May 5, 2021

Reckitt Benckiser, a multinational consumer goods company specialising in health, hygiene and nutrition products, has used Shariiing Advanced for a very specific purpose: remote recruitment.
RB tested a new way of recruiting its future students from a distance. With the current context and the challenge to find new and innovative ways of collaboration and interaction, nothing could be better than to experience a remote recruitment session with Shariiing.

The team took possession of the showroom of Immersion, editor of the Shariiing software, to carry out their experimentation in real conditions.
The recruitment session, targeting Kedge Business School students, was a real success.

How can this device allow such a meeting?

The main features of Shariiing were the scripting of the presentation around key content, interaction with the information, and a new way to capture attention.

Microsoft Teams and Shariiing were used together to make the most of both worlds. The two tools were able to create a complementary combination to maximise the capabilities demanded by the experiment.

Here is an overview of the recruitment session conducted by RB with Shariiing and Microsoft Teams:

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