Shariiing and the professional sports industry

How does Shariiing support the use of data for performance in high performance sports?

Discover the SMART project and the POC (Proof of Concept) SMART, the future connected gym, located in Pessac (Bordeaux).

With Shariiing, facilitate decision making on complex issues

Use case from LIST, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, which uses Shariiing to facilitate decision-making on complex data.
Shariiing helps them to make data-driven and collaborative decisions, thus facilitating collective decision-making.

Make your brainstorming efficient and fun with Logitech Scribe and Shariiing.

Logitech Scribe camera test with Shariiing. Result in video.
Connect your spaces. Digitize the content captured by the camera in Shariiing. Add value with captures and annotations.